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Cabin Rentals On Drummond Island

The seventh largest lake island in the world cabin rentals on Drummond Island Michigan will be a blast for you and the family. Driving there you will need to take the Drummond Island Ferry, which runs between the island and De Tour Village. The border of Canada wraps around the eastern, northern and western edge of the island. The outdoor beauty and plethora of outdoor activities will keep anybody interested.

Activities And Lodging On Drummond Island MI

  1. Drummond Island Yacht Haven
  2. Fort Drummond Marine and Resort
  3. H&H Resort and Campground
  4. La Lakes Resort
  5. Papin’s Resort  (Bailey’s Cottages Inc.)
  6. Geocaching on Drummond Island Treasure Hunting
  7. ATV and ORV rentals 100 miles of trails
  8. Drummond Island Outdoor Toys Boat Rentals
  9. Tall Ship Boat Tours
  10. Drummond Island Township Park

Restaurants On Drummond Island MI 49726

  1. Bayside Restaurant & Lounge
  2. Bear Track Inn & Restaurant
  3. Chuck’s Place Bar & Grill
  4. Espresso Bean Café
  5. Esther’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine
  6. Northwood Restaurant & Bar
  7. The Tee Pee
  8. Water Street Cafe