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Cabin Rentals On Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island is both a town in Erie County, Ohio, and the entire island in Lake Erie.Sandusky Island was the name given to it by the British. Later, it was taken over by the United States, who formally named it as Island Number 6 and Cunningham Island. Datus and Irad Kelley, who had acquired virtually the whole island, called it Kelleys Island in 1840. Cabin rentals on Kellys Island OH is a great choice of lodging and vacation.

Activities And Lodging On Kellys Island

  1. Kelleys Island Historical Association
  2. Kelleys Island State Park
  3. North Shore Loop Hiking Trail
  4. Camp Patmos
  5. Scheele Preserve
  6. Charles Herndon Gallery and Sculpture Garden
  7. Goodtime I – Lake Erie Island Cruises LLC
  8. Inscription Rock
  9. Seaway Marina
  10. Pleasant View Cottages
  11. Kelleys Island Venture Resort
  12. Kiki’s Cabin
  13. The Cedar Cottage

Restaurants On Kellys Island OH 43438

  1. West Bay Inn
  2. The Casino
  3. Dockers Waterfront Bar and Restaurant
  4. Peeper’s
  5. Captains Corner
  6. The Village Pump
  7. Caddy Shack Restaurant and Bar