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Cabin Rentals On Payette Lake

Payette Lake is a natural lake in the western United States, situated in McCall, Idaho. It was formed by glacial action and is located in the upper Payette River drainage basin, which flows into the Snake River. A minor dam built in 1943 regulates the lake’s outflow for agricultural reasons. Payette lake is surrounded by natural woodland and mountains, with sandy beaches, boat rentals, and fishing. Zipcode 83661

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Things To Do Near Your Cabin Rentals On Payette Lake

  1. Central Idaho Historical Museum –
  2. Ponderosa State Park –
  3. Pilgrim Cove Camp –
  4. Narrows Overlook
  5. Paradise Point –
  6. North Beach
  7. Peter T Johnson Trail
  8. Lightning Point
  9. Bear Basin Trailhead
  10. Little Ski Hill

Interesting Fact About Payette Lake

A sea serpent similar to the Loch Ness Monster is supposed to reside in the deep waters of Payette Lake in Idaho mythology; the monster was given the name Sharlie in 1954.